Buying Another House Vs Building a Second House

As a successful homeowner who wants to invest in a second home, purchasing another house and the decision to have a house built from the ground up are both options. These two options for a resident differ in their personality, preference, and price.

Building-a-home types are creative, independent thinkers, who want a place that reflects their personality. They take pride in knowing the image of their perfect house has come to life. In contrast with buying another house types who don’t really want what comes with building a house, they just want a roof over their heads. They don’t want to put the effort into a new house built from the ground up. Whatever personality a homeowner has whether it’s buying a house attitude or building a new home attitude, both types know what they need when it comes to choosing a home.

The cost of another house as opposed to building another home doesn’t have everything a homeowner wants on their wish list. With having a house built, the resident can decide exactly what they want in their dream home.

Homeowners can “customize their home with such things as energy-efficient systems or environmentally friendly aspects.” So the householder is not only getting everything they want but also they are saving the earth. I’m having trouble seeing the bad side to this option. I’d pay for a second, built home just knowing I was doing something good for the environment.

For occupants who want a home right away buying another house is the best option. This choice is for those homeowners that need to move out of their first home to another house because they need to move for a new job. These people don’t have the luxury of waiting for their dream house unless they plan far in advance. Or it’s possible they are not the building a home type. I’d take this option under consideration if I didn’t have the time to invest constructing of a new house.

When faced with options like buying another house or building a second house, the homeowner has to consider the cost of these two options. According toCost of Building a House vs. Buying, “The median price for an existing home in 2005 was $219,000, while the median cost of building a home the same year was $240,900.” The prices are not that far apart, and it’s only a 21,900 difference. The resident doesn’t have to worry much about a significant price increase.

So, either way a homeowner can choose one option or the other without worrying about how one costs considerably more than the other. This is a relief for some owners who think they have to settle when buying another house instead of building their dream home. I know I wouldn’t want to settle for an all ready built home when I can have a new, built home for me at a good price.

Financial cost isn’t the only price of a home. Emotional cost is also involved when buying another house or building a new house. With unexpected weather like snow and rain and contracting issues, a completed house sounds more favorable. Buying a house definitely sounds more favorable as opposed to all the stresses surrounding a new, built home but I believe it’s worth it in the end when I’d be living in a place I can really call mine.

Whether a homeowner decides buying another house or building a home is for them, what matters most is that the buyer is happy.